Winter lawn care

Winter Lawn Care

Looking after your lawn in the winter will ensure that it is fighting fit and ready to take everything your family throws at it in the spring and summer months.


It’s important to keep your lawn free of debris like leaves, twigs and litter all winter long. This will help to minimise problems with fungal disease, moss and bare patches.

Mowing Height

In most UK winters, we get long enough mild spells to ensure the grass never really stops growing. This makes it important to keep an eye on the length of your grass and make sure it is cut down to a reasonable height. Don’t let it grow on too long or it could encourage problems like fusarium disease. This happens when the long grass keeps the lawn surface a little bit warmer than the surrounding area, creating an ideal microclimate for fungus to take hold.


Potassium helps your grass to stay hardy and more resistant to the cold, wet, disease and darker conditions in winter. As Potassium is used up quickly and leaches out of the soil easily, it’s important to give your lawn a high potassium feed in mid winter to keep it hardy all the way through until spring.


Disease patches should be sprayed with a turf fungicide. This is best left to a professional who has the necessary knowledge and certification to do the work.